Why foam rolling is vital for optimum performance

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People who participate in sports, regularly workout at a gym or go for long runs while training for a marathon dedicate time in keeping their bodies fit, injury-free, and ready to rise to the challenge of optimum performance. Unfortunately, along the way the reality of muscle soreness, injury, and taking time off to recover leads to setbacks that requires taking time off to recover.

Today, foam rollers have become an acceptable method of treating muscle soreness and can be found in physical therapy offices, gyms, and sports stores. Also known as a process called myofascial release, foam rollers are the go-to product for anyone who wants to use it as part of a training and recovery routine.

This article highlights the impact foam rolling has as an effective treatment method for post-workout recovery or rehabilitation from injury.

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The origin of foam rolling

The popularity of the foam roller is credited to Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984), who was a Ukrainian-Israeli born engineer and physicist. Besides his professional endeavors as a scientist, Dr. Feldenkrais was an accomplished martial artist and was the first European to earn a black belt in Judo.

After suffering a knee injury, Dr. Feldenkrais was determined to avoid knee surgery and started researching alternative ways to recover from his injury. Through integrating his background as a scientist and love of martial arts, Dr. Feldenkrais devised a way to improve function and movement in his knee and ultimately recovered from his injury.

Known as the “Feldenkrais Method” for improving function and movement from injury, Dr. Feldenkrais ultimately contributes to foam rollers becoming a mainstream product in the fitness training and recovery industry. Dr. Feldenkrais is even quoted as saying “Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.”

Benefits of foam rollers

Given the evidence of its multiple uses, there are tremendous benefits to investing in a foam roller and according to the online site, Your Workout Book, this includes:

1. Foam rolling helps you bounce back faster after a tough workout.
2. You will be less sore.
3. Reduces arterial stiffness.
4. Improve flexibility and range of motion.
5. Fewer injuries + range of motion = added beastliness.

The above benefits illustrate that using a foam roller on a consistent basis can accelerate the recovery process, bring needed relief to sore and aching muscles, and improve flexibility. Most importantly, foam rollers can significantly improve your range of motion.

Recover with your foam roller

Whether you enjoy brisk walking as your mode of exercise, training for your tenth triathlon, or going full throttle at the gym, muscle aches and injuries are an inevitable part of the journey. Investing in a foam roller can prove to be an effective way to both recover, get back on track with feeling pain-free, and living the active life that you enjoy.

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