What is better for your skin: showering in the morning or in the evening?

Shutterstock.com/ Vadim Guzhva

Many people shower on a daily basis. Some do it in the morning after they get up, while others prefer to shower in the evening. Both times have their advantages, but there is only one clear winner if you look at the consequences on your skin.

Reasons to shower in the morning

Many people enjoy a shower right after they get up. It’s a great way to wake up, and you start the day feeling fresh and clean. The disadvantage is that you get back into bed at night with a large amount of dirt on your skin, which has consequences.

Reasons to shower in the evening

Showering in the evening is also popular because it is nice to rinse yourself completely clean after a long day, especially if you have been busy or it was hot outside. Most people also take a shower after exercising in the evening, so they can rinse off all the sweat and dirt in one go. The big advantage is that you go to bed nice and clean. You do not bring any bacteria, and your skin stays clean.


When you shower in the evening, you can sleep with clean skin. When your skin is dirty, your pores get clogged up during all those hours lying in bed. This can lead to pimples and other skin blemishes. This makes it better to shower in the evening. You also take less dirt and bacteria into your bed. Therefore, it is much more hygienic to shower in the evening. If you really need to shower in the morning, then at least wash your face before going to bed.