Tips to prevent or reduce feeling bloated

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Feeling bloated can be quite annoying, especially if you regularly suffer from it. Certain things you eat can aggravate or prevent bloating. With a healthy diet, you can experience a reduction in bloatedness. The most important thing to focus on is food without FODMAPs. FODMAPs are nutrients (molecules) that can cause complaints such as gas formation and abdominal pain.

Avoid eating too much fatty food

Eating a great deal of fat isn’t good, anyway, but if it also makes you feel bloated, you have to be extra careful about eating fatty foods. Because fat takes longer to digest, it stays in your stomach for longer and thus increases the buildup of gas.

Take dietary supplements

Not all dietary supplements are useful, but certain nutritional supplements can remedy or prevent bloating. Supplements with the enzyme lactase can help break down indigestible foods in the intestines and stomach.

Grate ginger into your tea

Ginger has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Ginger is a superfood that can improve your digestion by calming both your stomach and mind. Give it a try!

Buy a stock of asparagus

Asparagus is not only healthy, but it is also one of the most beneficial “non-FODMAP” vegetables you can buy. They also contain inulin, which promotes overall digestion!

Last but not least

Everyone is different, and that also applies to our digestive system. Feeling bloated can happen at any time, and in many cases, it is not because of the same foods. By paying careful attention to when you feel bloated, you can identify which types of food cause you to feel that way. Do note that you cannot determine this after only eating one meal. You will have to keep notes every meal and every time you get bloated. This is partly because most people eat many different types of food at the same time. Keeping a diary can, therefore, help you look for patterns and gain more insight.