This is why you need to eat more almonds

190 Suthasinee

If you are reading articles on this website it appears that you are already on the path to living a healthier lifestyle. That is fantastic, good on you for trying to live life in a healthier way. We have no doubt that it will lead to you being happier, and living longer. Of course, we have no doubt that there will be times that you struggle too. If it was easy everyone would do it and sometimes we falter and give in to cravings for some unhealthy things. When I first started to eat healthily I found it was easy to create three solid meals every day that were healthy and delicious. Yet in between these meals, I continued to struggle. I found one single food that helped me massively.

In my work, there is always a jar filled with sweets. People in my office take it in turns to supply the goodies that keep the office high on sugar and productive. Often some incredible treats appear on that table. What started as some gummy bears in a jar soon became bags of cookies, popcorn, donuts, and more. It was so hard to resist these treats even when I had taken the decision to eat healthily. 

While in the supermarket on one particular weekend I came across a large bag of almonds on sale. I decided to buy them and put them in a jar on my desk at work. Whenever I wanted to go to the communal jar for something sweet, I chose the almonds instead. It worked better than I could have hoped. In fact, it worked so well that it soon started to backfire. I noticed more and more people in the office were coming to my desk for the almonds and not to the communal jar for the sweets. That was great to see but almonds are expensive and I didn’t want to be feeding an office of 15 full of almonds every day. We soon worked it out and now there are two jars on that table, one with almonds and one with a sweet treat.

Almonds are full of nutrients so are a really healthy option for anyone in need of a snack. 28 grams of almonds will deliver 6 grams of protein, 3.5 grams of fiber, 14 grams of good fat, as well as magnesium, copper, calcium, vitamin E, and manganese. Almonds are also full of antioxidants, although most are found in the brown skin so it is better to keep the skin on when eating.

Almonds are great for people who suffer from diabetes. The high-fat low carb concentration means they are excellent for controlling your blood sugar level. A key reason for this is the magnesium as well, as many people who suffer from diabetes are deficient in magnesium. 

The best part about snacking on almonds though is how they reduce your hunger. Both protein and fiber are effective in making you feel full. Thus, eating almonds can help you consume fewer calories overall. There have been numerous studies that have shown those who eat almonds report feeling hungry less compared to other foods. Nuts, in general, are a great way to consumer low calories but high numbers of proteins and fats. Just be careful not to consume too many as they are still high in fat.

Nuts are an incredibly healthy option and almonds are one of the most nutritionally beneficial and tastiest. If you are like me and struggle with snacking during the day, try to make almonds your go-to snack from now on. It worked wonders for me and for everyone in my office too.