What are pili nuts?

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Pili nuts are not actually “new” as they have been harvested and eaten for years in Malaysia and the Philippines. They are new to many people in North America, however and have been noticed for two reasons.

The first reason pili nuts are getting so much attention is that they are filled with anti oxidants and high in nutrition. That makes them a perfectly portable and healthy snack. They can be eaten raw, roasted, or in other snack foods like cookies, cakes or trail mixes.

The second push behind the new found fame of pili nuts is that they are great for the avid Ketogenic (Keto) dieters, because they are low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats. Pili nuts also are a complete protein, providing all the amino acids our body uses for building blocks.

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What are pili nuts, and where do they come from? Pili nuts are the seeds of an evergreen that is common in many tropical countries. The Philippines cultivate them and export the nuts or seeds as a crop. In the United States there are many online places to purchase pili nuts.

Harvesting pili nuts is labor-intensive, and they most often are imported to the customers in the United States. That accounts for the fact that they are more expensive than most other nuts.

We should look at some of the nutrients in pili nuts. They are higher in magnesium than any other nut. Magnesium promotes good sleep, healthy muscle function and strong bones. The nuts are also high in manganese and copper. The calcium they contain helps with bone health.

Pili nuts are a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids. These are known to improve cognitive function and also to fight inflammation. Eating pili nuts may help reduce cholesterol. They are super healthy food in a convenient package.

Pili nuts can range from one to three inches long. One ounce or about three nuts is considered a serving. Like all other nuts, it is easy to consume a lot of calories when we eat too many pili nuts.

On a positive note, these nuts promote anti-aging. They support bone health, improve cognitive function, relieve inflammation and cholesterol. So they are good for your bones, your brain, your muscles and your heart.

Add pili nuts to your diet in many of the same ways you use other nuts. Use them for baking, blend them in smoothies, and add them to trail mix or granola or enjoy them by themselves.

Search for pili nuts online to have them delivered directly to your door. You may also look in Asian markets in cities near you. Health food stores may carry them as well. Hopefully, in the future they will be in local stores as well.

Treat yourself a healthy snack with a fresh, new taste and try some pili nuts soon.

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