The Hollow-Hold and its core strength

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A six-pack and toned muscles are never a real problem for most people. So, your question is answered. This is your next best workout. The Hollow-Hold is an extreme method that allows you to apply maximum isolation that tones your muscles, and adds strength to your core.

We get it, that sounds really exhausting. The interesting fact about The Hollow-Hold is that your body barely has to move to do the exercise correctly. No, this is not one of those unrealistic workout ads. The Hollow-Hold has been proven to help people receive amazing results in a reasonable amount of time.

What does the Hollow-Hold do?
Do not get intimidated by its name. This exercise requires you to perform minimal movements that make it easy to do. This makes it extremely effective and worth your time. As soon as you start this workout, your abs will immediately feel it working.

You will be able to exercise your external and internal oblique muscles with this one simple workout. You can do this as your main core exercise. If you are seeking more, combine it with various movements like mountain climbers and more.

How to Hollow-Hold correctly
All you need is proper positioning. After that, you will be one step closer to starting strong and feeling the burn. During this exercise, you need to make sure that the lumbar region of your back is laying flat on the floor. You can do this by pushing your back down with your hands if you feel a gap.

Next, you should put your arms in the right position. Keep your back on the ground while raising your shoulders. Pick your head up and pull your shoulder blades downward without raising any other part of your body.

Now, you can bring your knees up towards your torso. Drop them down slowly until you are at the perfect angle to feel it working.

Things to avoid
Arching your back
It is important that you remember not to arch your back so that the exercise can work at its full potential. The straight back creates tension Within your core that helps to burn fat while building muscles.

Using your head to bring your body up
Do not use your head to bring your body up. During this exercise, your back needs to be on the ground. The lifting effect comes from your shoulders because they are being pulled down toward your midsection to create the needed tension.

Something to know
This exercise is associated with straightening your lower back for better balance and stability. This means that it is a great exercise for individuals who have minor spinal curvature issues. Please accompany this workout with glute training if you are concerned about the size and appearance of your glutes. When you exercise using The Hollow-Hold position, you will experience flat back positioning and increased muscle strength. Over time, this exercise has the ability to alter your posture and more.