The best exercise options when you are tired

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Working out is one of the best ways to relieve stress and stay fit and healthy. Yet there are some days when it is just a huge mountain to climb. When you are really tired, exercising can seem like such a massive ordeal that many of us roll over in bed, telling ourselves that we will chalk this one down as a rest day and try again tomorrow. Instead of hitting the snooze button, it would be better to get some light exercise at least. Here we list the best exercises for when you are tired.

The first question you need to ask is why are you tired? If you are not eating or sleeping enough then doing a heavy training regime is not a good idea. Your performance will be below your expected levels and if you push it too far you may get injured. Studies have shown that you need to get seven to nine hours of sleep a night. Even getting one hour less can make you perform 30% worse. For different reasons we all sometimes get less than the required seven, when that happens you need to see how you feel, adjust accordingly and make sure you get seven the next night.

If you are tired from lack of sleep or lack of food. You still need to exercise, unless you are incredibly tired. The key is to listen to your body. If you are just a little sleepy then shake it off and get out of bed (or whatever time of day you are considering going to exercise). Sometimes starting to exercise can get you energized again and you can surprise yourself and have a great workout. 

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Whatever you do, start with a slow warm-up that gets your muscles working and increases your heart rate slowly. By the end of the warm-up, you should have a nice sweat started and feel like you are ready to work. If you are still sleepy after this then it is a light workout day.

Plyometrics are a good option because using bodyweight exercises means your body is not carrying an excess load. When you are tired, using heavy weights will put you at a higher risk of having an injury, due to poor form. Try some exercises like push-ups, bodyweight squats and crunches to get a great burn. 

If you are too tired for a plyo session then consider yoga or pilates. Both of these exercises can be done at a slow pace that is relaxing for your mind and body yet still a great workout. There are many types of yoga workouts that target a range of intensity levels depending on what you need. If you are feeling tired there are some fantastic routines that utilize breathing to energize the body. Doing this in the morning will leave you energized for work, or in the evening will give you the needed energy to tick off what is needed at home. 

Light weight lifting is still a good option if you are tired. If you are feeling sleepy then definitely use a much lighter weight than you are used to. If you find your energy returns to normal then you can adjust to your normal routine straight away.

Whatever your energy levels it is a good idea to go for a walk. However tired you feel a short walk will help. The fresh air and light activity will leave you feeling energized and refreshed. The same goes for stretching exercises. No matter how tired you are a good stretch and a light walk is always a good idea, even on rest days.

If you are feeling tired from already having worked out too much that week, this is your body and mind telling you it needs a break. Listen to your body and ensure you take the day off. Depending on the intensity of your workouts you need to ensure you are taking one to two rest days every week as part of your normal routine. If you don’t do this, it will end in injury soon. 

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