Is there a best sleeping position?

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Sleeping is an essential thing that can significantly impact our health and general lifestyle. Now, being a vital thing, have you ever thought about the different sleeping positions? If not, it is the best time to learn the different sleeping positions.

Some sleeping posture can potentially cause back-aches, fatigue, neck pain, muscle cramping, headaches, sleep apnea, among other health problems. Generally, every sleeping position has its own cons and pros. Unfortunately, getting enough sleep for many people has become a significant problem. However, according to sleeping and fitness experts, the sleeping position you often use is what really matters.

Are you experiencing sleeping challenges, or you would like to learn more about different sleeping positions, keep reading as we unfold certain sleeping positions.

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Sleeping on your back

Although it is not the most common sleeping position – approximately eight percent of people use this position – it’s among the best position. This sleeping position allows you to rest your head, neck, and spine in a natural way, positively impacting your health by minimizing pressure on those areas. It is advisable to use a pillow or anything soft under your knees.

Pros: It prevents acid reflux. Sleeping facing the ceiling helps to ward off acid reflux. To experience better effects, it is essential to support your head higher than the stomach. Besides, this sleeping position helps to minimize wrinkles in the neck and face, since there is no pressure subjected to these parts.

Cons: This sleeping position can cause the tongue to block your breathing tube, making it dangerous, especially to people with sleeping apnea. According to WebMD, back sleeping can contribute to back sores. In addition, people who often use this position are more prone to snoring.

Sleeping on your side

This sleeping posture, where your torso and legs are usually straight, also helps to reduce acid reflux. Fifteen percent of adults find it comfortable to sleep this way. It is also a position that pregnant women are advised to use.

Pros: it helps to reduce snoring as well as enhancing the circulation of blood in the body. It also reduces back and neck pains.

Cons: The main downside with this position is that it results in wrinkles as half of the face lies against the pillow. Additionally, if you experience heartburns, sleeping on your right side can worsen the symptoms.

On your stomach

About seven percent of adults choose this position. WebMD advises people who use this position to avoid using firm pillows. It also recommends people to use a thinner pillow below their stomach to ensure the spine is in the same plane with the back, which in turn minimizes spine pain.

Pros: It helps to prevent snoring as it keeps the breathing airways open.

Cons: This sleeping position can lead to back and neck pain if you fail to keep your spine and back in a neutral position. Moreover, this position is worst for wrinkles since the forehead is pressed against the pillow throughout the night.

Wrapping up

Now, with the above information, you are in a better position of deciding the best sleeping position and start having comfortable nights of sleep.

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