How to solve the dreaded strawberry leg

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One of my favorite things in life is when I shave my legs. I am what you could describe as a hibernator in the winter. My pants come on and my legs will not see a razor for six months. Yes, I have a partner, yes, he doesn’t love it but, yes he does accept it. Shaving is a massive hassle and during the winter I am often just too lazy to do it. However, during the summer my legs are back on show and I shave regularly. I love the feel and texture of my legs after a shave and how empowered I can feel when I wear a nice skirt and a pair of high heels. To me, it gives me a powerful feminine feeling that nothing can stop me. I feel like me in high heels is the same as a lioness prowling the savannah desert, we are unstoppable. 

Please note that I said I feel like a lioness and not a leopard. While a leopard looks great with spots, I do not. Once after shaving, I was afflicted with something called ‘strawberry legs’ and it was horrible. My confidence was shot and I felt forced to wear all my winter clothes again. Strawberry legs or what I would now like to call leopard syndrome is when you shave your legs and are left with small block spots. It is the pores of your skin looking rather nasty.

If you have strawberry legs, then don’t worry. It is a very common skin condition and I am sure that nearly all women go through it at some point in their lives. It is the sort of thing that you have to go through to learn not to go through it again. Strawberry legs (which sounds so nice, what a misleading name) occurs when you shave the wrong way or use an old blade to shave. It can lead to ingrown hairs or clogged pores full of dirt. 

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Don’t book an appointment with your doctor or your local beauty clinic just yet, there are some fantastic home remedies that can have you back in heels and short skirts soon. The first thing is to try an exfoliating scrub. You can make your own or you can purchase one from your local pharmacy or beauty store. If you exfoliate regularly it will clear up your pores in no time. Don’t over-exfoliate though, twice a week is perfect.

My favorite remedy is something called a buttermilk bath. You will need a large bucket to soak your legs in. Fill the bucket with warm water and then add one cup of buttermilk. Leave your legs in there for ten to fifteen minutes and follow it up with a quick rinse in the shower. 

A nightly massage is also helpful and feels great. Mix jojoba oil with tea tree oils and massage your legs for ten minutes. These home remedies will make your legs feel great and remove any strawberry leg issues facing you. 

Ladies while we enjoy hiding our legs away in the winter, it is a crime to hide them all year round. Ensure you look after your legs by changing your razor blade regularly and shaving in the right direction. If you are afflicted by leopard syndrome (it sounds much better right?) then don’t panic. Stock up on some home remedies and give your legs some much-needed tender love and care while you relax at night. Better yet, get your partner who benefits from looking at those luscious legs to do some of the treatments for you. You are the powerful lioness after all, not a leopard scared of her spots.

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