How soup can make you drop pounds

511 Anna Pustynnikova

Soup is often relegated to the back of the mind unless it’s wintertime or someone is sick at home. This food choice doesn’t have to be limited in this manner, however. It actually has some clever applications in day-to-day life. Recent studies suggest that eating soup can help you lose weight. Take a look at the simple concepts behind this statement so that you can reap the benefits too.

Nutrient-rich broth

Broths that are simmered with chicken or beef will have countless nutrients that satisfy the body’s need for food. Sipping on the broth is similar to eating a meal full of protein, vegetables and grains. The body simply needs nutrients to function. Because the broth fulfills this need, you’re satisfied without eating a lot of other items.

Water creates volume

You lose weight with soup because its volume fills you up. Along with the nutrients comes several cups of water. Your stomach can only hold a certain amount of volume before it signals fullness to the brain. If you feel full, there’s no craving for fatty foods afterward.

Slowing the eating time

It takes a full, 20 minutes for the body to indicate that it’s full. When people gulp down a smoothie or eat a heavy meal in record time, they don’t have a chance to feel full. Sipping on soup with a spoon, however, forces a person to slow down. The food enters the body at a slower rate, which means you feel fuller faster. Fewer calories are eaten as a result.

Matching it to a healthy diet

Remember that combining soup with unhealthy foods won’t make a difference with weight loss. The idea is to add soup into a relatively healthy diet. Lean proteins, plenty of fruits and vegetables along with whole grains will only assist the soup’s role in your diet.

Creating a visual marker

A bowl of soup looks like a lot of food. It takes up the bulk of any bowl. This visual cue tells you that you’re in for a large meal. The brain sees the soup as a big meal, which triggers satiety in the mind and body. Losing weight involves both mental and physical triggers that can be helpful. There aren’t a lot of calories in soup, but it looks like a lot of food otherwise.

Satisfying your other senses

Your senses of smell and taste play a big role when it comes to soup and lost weight. Rich broths have a comforting smell with a complex taste. With a deep breath, the scent satisfies the need for a hearty meal. Your tongue might sense every type of sensation, from salty to bitter. Satisfying these senses tells the brain that you’re happy with a meal, and you’re ready to move onto the next part of your day.

Although it’s tempting to use canned soup, consider an occasional trip to the market to collect ingredients for homemade soup. You control the levels of sodium and fat with this strategy. Over time, you’ll be healthier than before with soup as a resource at nearly every meal.