How do you recognize liver fat?

677 Ben Schonewille
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Liver fat is a serious and common condition where fat accumulates in the liver cells. It is a typical ailment of Western countries due to people eating mainly high-calorie food and not getting enough exercise.

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The unhealthy lifestyle of most Western countries can lead to an imbalance in sugar and fat metabolism, and the result is liver fat. It is a dangerous condition that can cause inflammation and even damage to the liver. The good news is that you can combat it by exercising more and eating healthier, which reduces the condition or can even heal it completely.

To reverse the process of fatty liver, it is important to recognize the symptoms. The trouble with the condition is that it may have been going on for a long time without you noticing it. The only obvious symptom is jaundice, but that only occurs in a few rare cases. Fatigue and pain in the upper right of your abdomen can also indicate liver fat. This pain occurs because your liver may be larger and more sensitive.

Some people run a higher risk of having liver fat than others. This can be the case if, for example, you have type 2 diabetes or suffer from metabolic syndrome. Obesity also increases the risk of developing liver fat. Frequent consumption of alcohol is similarly not a good idea. After all, alcohol is broken down by your liver.

Liver fat is a serious condition that can have serious consequences, so if in doubt, always consult a doctor. The condition can easily be diagnosed with an ultrasound and with a healthy lifestyle, improvement is possible.