4 Reasons why you should try archery

Shutterstock.com/ Carlos Caetano
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If you have ever watched someone shoot a bow and arrow and marveled at how wonderful it looks, you aren’t alone. Archery was once the primary way for humans to shoot and kill animals for meat and survival, and most states still have certain days set aside for archery season. However, the archery of today is mostly done for sport.

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A perk of learning archery is that you will basically need just two items- a bow and arrows. There are five main bows to choose from: a compound, crossbow, takedown, recurve, or long. Every bow has different strengths. You’ll have to decide what bow is best for your situation before you choose one. Why should you learn or practice archery?

1. Choose to compete or keep it recreational

You’ll find archery competitions everywhere if you decide you want to compete. Archery is even a sport in the Olympics and Paralympics. If you are the type who loves competition, then archery could be the sport for you. However, it can be just as fun to keep the sport recreational. There isn’t really any score-keeping when you shoot a bow and arrow. You’re simply trying to shoot a target in front of you. If you become good enough and wish to hunt, you can also go bow hunting when it is legal during the year.

2. Practice archery anywhere

Archery can be learned at a very young age provided the minor has adult supervision. The sport has a lot of flexibility when it comes to where it can be practiced. When you choose to practice in an indoor range, you’ll enjoy a more controlled environment to shoot in. When you head outside, you’ll get the real feel of what archery is like if you are in windy conditions. You can also practice archery in the rain, wind, snow, or dark.

3. Archery is great for the body

While you may not think of archery as beneficial to your body, it is. You use a number of muscles when you hold and aim a bow. Your arms and shoulders will play a huge role as you practice as you need significant strength to pull the bow back. You’ll also work out the muscles in your back as you repeatedly shoot the arrows. Plus, you need a lot of body coordination to shoot a bow and arrow. Your whole body must be in synch to hit the target.

4. Archery is great for focus and patience

All sports are excellent for mental health reasons, and archery is not at all different. However, the sport is even better than others when it comes to focus and patience. How much you focus will be a factor in how well you shoot. You’ll also work on your patience levels, as you have to be patient to shoot your target. This is especially true if you shoot your bow and arrow in the elements outdoors.