Five tips to fight low stamina and get yourself to the gym

459 Maxim Lupascu

Sticking to a good fitness schedule can be tricky. Simple day-to-day life presents demands all by itself. Time, work and personal responsibilities can create challenges to your motivated ambition to get to the gym. However, low stamina can be the most difficult challenge to overcome.

Regardless of how much free time you have to work out, it can feel almost impossible to muster up enough ambition to keep your regular workout commitments. Here are some tips on overcoming the struggles of low stamina so that you can be a regular gym-goer.


This might seem like common sense, but sleep deprivation is a key element that causes low stamina. Even people who normally feel fine will feel physically and emotionally drained on days after they slept poorly.

Sometimes there is nothing you can do about a bad night’s sleep. However, long-term sleep deprivation can cause more problems than just an urge to skip the gym. Do your best to maintain consistency in your sleep patterns to boost your stamina.


One cause of feeling like you have lost your energy is being dehydrated. Dehydration causes multiple problems, not only stamina. Keep your fluid levels consistent, and you’ll find these moments of low energy are reduced dramatically.

In fact, maintaining a healthy level of hydration can actually help improve your stamina. This means staying hydrated consistently, not just before, during, or after your workouts.


Since we’ve been children, we’ve heard the chorus that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The biological facts of why are simple. Failing to eat a balanced meal early in the day sends you metabolism looking for energy.

There is a natural process that makes you feel exhausted. If you already have a stamina problem, it will be magnified. To help your attitude, your health, and your especially your stamina, eat a healthy breakfast.


Taking a complete one-a-day vitamin is a healthy suggestion for anyone, gym-goer or not. Adding certain additional supplements are great ways to combat things such as low stamina.

Magnesium is a key mineral in maintaining balanced energy levels. Magnesium is what flips your internal biological convert your glucose into energy. It is critical to other parts of energy metabolism as well. Add magnesium to your supplements to help improve stamina.


This may seem like an odd tip to help you become a regular gym-goer if you struggle with low stamina. However, exercise builds upon itself. The more often you exercise, the more you’ll improve your stamina.

Just getting to the gym might seem like a battle at times. However, if you can find ways to help trigger your motivation, it will eventually become like second nature. Things like a workout partner or personal trainer can help hold you accountable and get you to the gym. There are going to be days when you simply don’t want to go to the gym. Everyone experiences that feeling at one time or another. However, if you suffer from low stamina, it can be a more frequent and difficult challenge. Use these five tips to help become a regular gym-goer even if you struggle from low stamina.