Five exotic fruits you need to try

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If you are someone who enjoys the delicious flavors of fruit then the world has a lot to offer you. There are somewhere in the region of 2,000 fruits in the world and yet most people in the western world eat only 10% of that or far far less. If you are interested in moving beyond the humble apple and banana combination, read on.

To find the greatest fruits in the world South America and Asia are worth a trip. While many of us love the occasional mango the price in western supermarkets means that we tend to limit our consumption. In Asia these fruits are so cheap you can eat multiple a day. If you enjoy a banana with your oats in the morning then try a mango instead and prepare for it to change your world. Or better yet, try one of these:

The Dragon Fruit

The dragon fruit not only has an incredible name it looks sensational too. The closest fruit we have to it is the kiwi based on consistency and texture. On the outside, the dragon fruit is a bright pink cactus. On the inside, the normal variety is white with black spots. The flavor is light and sweet. However, there is a stronger variety that is pink with black spots and it is truly delicious.

The Pulasan

The pulasan is a fruit that is primarily found in Malaysia. It is closely related to the lychee but is much sweet. Its exterior is red with short thick spikes on. It is high in vitamin C and is used by many to manage blood sugar levels. 

The Lotus Fruit

The lotus flower is well known around the world. Its image is used by many Buddhists and Hindus around the world as a symbol of strength. Yet the fruit also has its benefits. In Cambodia people eat the seeds and they are said to taste like a juicy peanut.


The mangosteen is a fruit eaten in Asia for medicinal purposes. Many say that it can treat serious illnesses like tuberculosis and UTIs. In many western countries, it is banned to bring the fruit in as they often harbor exotic flies as well.


The durian is a fruit that divides many nations. If you ask people in Malaysia the majority are incredibly proud of the durian, while others can’t stand it. The durian has considerable health benefits as it is rich in iron, fiber and vitamin C. Yet the smell of the durian is so strong, so pungent that many can’t stand it. Eating durian is banned on most public transport, in many apartment complexes and a variety of public places. If you can ignore the horrible smell the fruit is incredibly tasty. If you can’t, it is absolutely disgusting.

These are just five of our favorite exotic fruits. If you ever get the chance to eat a fruit that you have never seen or heard of before, we say dive in. Perhaps just block your nose before diving, for many of these fruits the smell is so off-putting that it may ruin the entire experience. But as we often say at Highly Healthy, nothing ventured, nothing gained.