Five controversial foods that you shouldn’t give up

452 Nataliia Mysak

It’s not uncommon for some people to avoid certain foods because they are considered to be controversial. These foods may make your breath smell bad, turn your skin or teeth a certain color or leave you feeling a bit gassy. However, many of these foods do have some health benefits. Here are five controversial foods that you shouldn’t give up.


Many of us like garlic bread or a bit of garlic in our pasta sauce. However, it can leave you with bad breath that lasts for a long time. Unfortunately, there really isn’t anything you can do about it. Despite causing not so pleasant breath, you should continue to eat garlic because it can keep you healthy. It’s thought to act similar to an antibiotic.


This food is similar to garlic in that it will leave you with bad breath. This is due to its sulfur compounds. You should continue to eat onions as they have phytochemicals in them and can help you fight off certain diseases. You can get rid of onion breath by chomping on a piece of parsley and drinking a lot of water.

Carrots and red wine

Have you ever seen someone that has an orange tint to their skin? This can be caused by eating too many carrots. It is actually harmless, and it is caused by the beta-carotene in carrots. You shouldn’t give up this food because it does contain large amounts of vitamin A and is beneficial to your eye health. Carrots aren’t the only thing that people avoid because it turns certain parts of their body a different color. Red wine has been known to stain teeth because of the polyphenols in it. However, you shouldn’t avoid having a glass of red wine a day as it does contain a lot of antioxidants. Just brush your teeth afterward to remove any stains.


Some people avoid eating asparagus because it can make your urine smell. This annoying side effect is caused by the sulfur compounds in it. Asparagus does also contain folate and is a good source of fiber. By drinking a few glasses of water, you can reduce the likelihood of your urine having an odor after eating asparagus.


It’s widely known that eating beans can make you pass gas. This is caused by the amount of soluble fiber in them. Despite excessive flatulence, beans are actually good for your health and can lower your cholesterol levels. Fortunately, there are some ways that you can keep from becoming gassy after consuming beans. You can eat a piece of licorice, or you can drink a cup of peppermint or ginger tea.

In conclusion, don’t avoid eating or drinking something just because it’s considered to be controversial. The foods mentioned above do have some unpleasant side effects. However, they also can be good for your health, and their side effects tend to be minimal.