Clever way to add protein to your smoothie without chalky powder

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The most common problem with protein smoothies is that chalky texture that results when you add in the powder, no matter how delicious your assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables are. A health professional decided that the best solution was to discard protein powder in favor of frozen peas.

Whitney English is a registered dietitian who developed a program called “Plant-Based Juniors.” She feels that protein powder is not terrific in general, and she knows that it’s not necessary for making protein shakes. She points out that frozen peas are a more appealing alternative to pea protein powder, which has become extremely popular lately. Why not go straight to the source of the protein in a more natural form?

She explained on Instagram lately about her idea that, given the popularity of pea protein, you could just throw whole peas into the blender instead of chalky powder. She explained to her audience that adding frozen peas into a smoothie adds 4 grams of protein per 1/2 cup, and it also adds more fiber. Frozen peas give your smoothie a nice creamy texture without any artificial aftertaste.

Her recipe for a great frozen pea smoothie is 1/2 cup frozen peas combined with a banana, frozen blueberries, peanut butter, hemp seeds and unsweetened vanilla soy milk. This drink is a great breakfast that provides a lot of energy and prevents hunger until lunchtime. It also provides a great satisfying feeling. It looks like this ingredient could catch on in a new trend to make terrific morning smoothies.

Plant-Based Juniors, founded by Whitney English and her partner Alex, is a company that provides guidance for plant-based prenatal and pediatric nutrition. The founders are personal trainers and registered dietician nutritionists. They have babies to whom they feed a plant-based diet. The company is an information resource for families who are interested in the plant-based lifestyle. The founders feel confident in their expertise about how to nourish children.

Plant-Based Juniors understands how confusing the messages in the media can be about the many food choices that are touted as healthy. Whitney and Alex provide information that is well-researched rather than following traditional dogma about diet and lifestyle. The company also develops tasty recipes that will make your plant-based lifestyle more enjoyable for your family. Plant-Based Juniors is flexible in regard to the type of diet that families prefer to follow. They approve of vegetarian, vegan and any efforts to reduce the amount of animal products in the diet.