Build confidence by spending more time outdoors

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Would you ditch your to-do list if there was an easier and more effective way to build your confidence? It turns out that spending more time enjoying the beautiful outdoors can also be a path to strengthening your belief in yourself and your abilities. Learn more about how nature affects your confidence and mood, along with tips to get started.

The truth is that numerous studies show that nature can relieve stress and anxiety, and make us feel happier and stronger. These effects include gains in productivity and greater emotional health and well being. At the same time, you’re more likely to be moving around when you’re outdoors, and that physical exercise is good for your mind as well as your body. When you put it all together, these are some of the main ingredients that help you build your confidence and self-esteem.

In addition to being powerful, nature is also available to us in many ways and most of them are fun and free. Try these ideas for connecting with nature and watching your confidence soar:

Meditate outdoors

Just going outside can help you feel like part of something larger than yourself, but it might help to think more deeply about that connection. Meditate on the abundance in your life and experience a sense of community. Meditation builds confidence by helping you to live more mindfully, and it’s a practice you can do anywhere. See how meditating on a beach or in a forest compares to sitting at home.

Play sports

Having fun and learning more about being a team player can help you to understand yourself and your strengths. Join the softball league at your office or organize a basketball game with your family and friends.

Go camping

Sleep under the stars. Go online to look up campgrounds in your local area or plan your next vacation. Even if you’re short on time and funds, you may be able to pitch a tent in your back yard.

Tend a garden

Growing your own food or flowers is bound to make you feel more accomplished and self-reliant. Plant some tomatoes or daffodils at home. If you’re a city dweller, you might be able to sign up for a plot at a community garden in one of your nearby parks.

Volunteer in your community

As always, one of the most profound ways to build your confidence is to focus on being of service to others. Contact a charity you support or visit your local volunteer community clearinghouse. Ask them about outdoor projects or propose an activity of your own. You might walk dogs waiting to be adopted at an animal shelter or help to build a new home for a low-income family.

Confidence comes from many sources, and some of them can be as enjoyable as they are practical. Let nature help you build your confidence so you can enjoy more happiness and success.