Bizarre food predictions for this year

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New types of flour made from fruit, vegetables, and seeds will be hitting the shelves in 2020.

Chip enthusiasts can rejoice with new veggie-based snack puffs filling the salty snack aisle in 2020.

Mexican food is one of the most popular cuisines, so it’s no surprise that a deconstructed burrito will be a new trend in 2020.

Watch out peanut butter because seed butter is predicted to be trending in 2020. Options range from watermelon seed to pumpkin seeds, and others will be taking over the age-old options.

Whole Foods Market is noticing growing popularity with West African dishes and flavors, which will be seen more in 2020.

Vegan or plant-based jerky made from mushrooms, and the like, will be stocked in more grocery stores in 2020.

For those with soy or nut allergies, finding a milk alternative can be difficult. In 2020 they can find oat milk on the rise and used in many of their favorite coffee shops.

Protein-packed snacks that are not just basic bars, such as hummus and nuts, are hitting the refrigerated section of local grocery stores. Everyone will be able to find a protein-rich alternative in 2020.

Those looking to cut out soy from their diets will be happy to note that some protein powders, yogurts, and cheeses will be cutting out their use of soy.

Carnivores wanting to add in more vegetables to their diet, and vegans looking to mix in some alternative proteins will be seeing more “flexitarian” options on shelves. Items such as burger patties will combine both vegetables and meat into their recipe.

More cauliflower-based foods will be seen in 2020 in products such as mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, pizza, and more.

With the growing importance of gut health, more companies are looking to add probiotics into their recipes for smoothies, drinks, and desserts.

Small-batch cheese is on the rise for 2020, as they hold more delicate, yet complex flavors.

Functional or holistic foods will find their way into more traditional grocery stores in 2020 as they grow in popularity.

Coconut-milk will take on a new wave of products such as cookies, snacks, chips, and more.

New meat substitutes can be found taking over the well-known alternative of tofu, such as the southeast Asian fruit, the Jackfruit.

In 2020, more stores will be carrying Vietanemis inspired foods from soups and frozen meals, packed with traditional Vietnamese flavors.

You may be noticing an odd uprising of kelp inspired snacks in your local store, and you wouldn’t be mistaken. Full of fiber and vitamins, kelp is growing in popularity among the superfood trends.

Collagen has been a popular ingredient in skincare in 2019, but in 2020, customers will see more collagen added to their favorite food and beverages.

As sober-life options become more popular, shoppers can find a plethora of alcohol-free beverages in 2020 from mocktails to sparkling-teas.

New natural sweetener options will be growing in popularity in 2020. Syrups and sauces made from fruits will be a common item in most kitchens next year.