The benefits of avocados

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The first benefit is that it is going to be good for your heart. This is because of the plant chemical beta-sitosterol inside of the avocados. Therefore, a person is going to be able to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol. The avocados are packs with monounsaturated fats. If these are eaten in moderation instead of saturated and trans fat, then it can help to reduce the bad cholesterol inside of your body.


The second benefit is that a person is going to have the ability to have healthier eyes. This is because of the lutein and zeaxanthin that are inside of the avocado. These things are known for making sure that your eyes are going to stay healthier as we get older. They can also reduce the risk of getting macular degeneration. This is something that is the leading cause of a person losing their visions as they age.


The third benefit is the growth and development of a child. The child is going to need to have a lot of unsaturated fat inside of their diet in order to grow properly. This is especially true for the development of the central nervous system and brain of the younger children.

Blood pressure

The fourth benefit is that it can help to decrease your blood pressure. Therefore, if you are known for having high blood pressure, it might be a good idea to eat a lot of avocados. This is because the avocados do not have any sodium in them. In fact, it is part of the DASH diet which is going to be a diet that will be prescribed to a person in order to lower their blood pressure. The avocados also have a lot of potassium in them so that they can lower their blood pressure. If people replace butter and mayo with the avocados, then it is going to help them to control their blood pressure.


The fifth benefit is that it is going to help a person to lose weight. This is because when the body does not take as long to digest their food. Therefore, they are going to full more satisfied and full. This means that you are going to feel a lot less likely to snack in between the meals. The avocados are full of nutrients with a variety of different vitamins, phytonutrients, and minerals. This is something that you are going to want when you are trying to cut the amount of calories that you have inside of your diet. This can keep up with all of the nutrition that your body needs.


The sixth benefit is that it can help to boost your mood. This is going to be especially true for the people who do not get enough Vitamin B in their diet. This is something that can cause a person to have depression. Therefore, a lot of new moms are encouraged to eat a lot more of the avocados.