Are video games a solution to mental health issues?

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We are going to explore the possibility of video games solving mental health issues like isolation and depression. With technology constantly improving, video games are becoming more and more popular, especially as they continue to get more realistic. Video games are getting so realistic that it can be quite scary at times.

One of the reasons that we believe mental health issues can be resolved by video games is because it allows people to enter the digital world of fiction. This imaginary digital world can be filled with just about anything.

Different types of video games

Rocket League is a great example of a video game that might be able to solve emotional health issues. Nowhere else in the world would gamers be able to participate in an RC Car soccer match with real-life people. By playing in the virtual world of Rocket League, this is entirely possible.

What if you wanted to simulate a war battle? You could choose to boot up the latest Call of Duty release, or maybe you want to take a trip back to World War 2. If so, you can also purchase Battlefield 1943 and teleport back in time because of a video game.

It’s not even so much about the type of video game that you play, it’s more about the positive emotional relief that you get from playing at all. Video games can significantly affect our emotions, both positively and negatively. Video games can spark enjoyment and entertainment, but they can also generate rage and anger. This fact is especially evident in competitive online matches on gaming consoles like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

A solution to loneliness

You could probably assume that online gaming is a great way for lonely people to connect. That isn’t necessarily wrong either, especially when you think about how social online gaming platforms have become. PlayStation Network and Xbox Live have in-depth interfaces that allow users to add friends and message each other. When you think about it, these social gaming platforms might seem like a great way for people to connect and find friends.

Unfortunately, not all online gaming experiences are positive. While some experiences might be a great solution for loneliness or depression, there are also cyber-bullies and mean individuals that take their anger out on other people. With that being said, users that experience this type of behavior on video games could deteriorate in terms of mental health.


The online video game world is generally a mixed experience that could be positive or negative. The chances of meeting a nice person are about equally as likely as meeting an angry person. There is not a whole lot of regulation in this online space, which is why it might be important to not rely on video games to solve your emotional health problems.

With that being said, some major success stories have brought lonely individuals together. There have also been some great relationships built from a connection in the video game world. If you are looking to make some online friends, you could eventually meet your best buddy on your favorite online game in the future.