5 Easy habits to do each day for good gut health

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Improving your overall gut health doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your entire lifestyle. By simply introducing a few easy practices each day, you can dramatically improve the way your body runs, making digestion a smoother and less irritating process. Who wouldn’t want that?

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Read on to discover five simple habits you can adopt today to make a difference and improve your health:

1. Fiber, fiber, fiber

Fiber is known as “nature’s broom” because it quite literally sweeps things through your system. Since fiber is a carbohydrate that does not break down, it has the ability to keep your digestion running smoothly by moving things along your intestines and your digestive tract. In order to get the benefits, you can either consume fiber supplements found in the pharmacy section of your grocery store, or food high in fiber itself. Examples include apples, artichokes, legumes, popcorn and chia seeds.

2. Hydration is key

Water is also a substance that quite simply helps everything keep moving in the body. Besides being good for your skin and bones, water helps keep you feeling full longer, aids in digestion, and assists your body in properly absorbing nutrients, all of which are helpful for your belly’s wellbeing.

3. Potty posture can make a difference

Toilet talk can be a bit of a taboo topic of conversation, but when you’re discussing the health of your stomach, it is a necessary evil. Consider alternatives to a simple Western toilet in your bathroom because the posture you adopt for the most effective bowel movement is more in the “squat” position. There are footrests you can purchase to facilitate a smoother Number Two and give your belly a little break.

4. Keep on moving

Exercise – from vigorous aerobics to a simple stroll – can really help with your gut health. You are truly “shaking things up” and therefore helping the food you eat to move through your body. Additionally, exercising reduces your chances of being overweight which generally taxes your entire body more. Maintaining a healthy weight and body mass will ensure a smoother digestion every day.

5. Experiment with fermented foods

Everybody’s talking about probiotics, and it’s for good reason. The overall health of the microbiome in our bellies is really the key to gut health. Eating fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut and miso introduce additional probiotics, or beneficial bacteria, into our bodies. These microscopic powerhouses help improve overall digestive function and reduce or even eliminate inflammation in the stomach.

Remember, you don’t need an entire lifestyle overhaul in order to feel better. Taking some time every day to prioritize your health and consciously do something simple and beneficial for your belly could completely improve your life. Try it out for yourself!