15 Secrets a gym instructor won’t tell you

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Whether you take part in group physical fitness classes or have a personal fitness instructor, you may be under the impression that gym instructors are superheroes. Some instructors are energetic, and some have incredible bodies. However, it’s imperative for you to know there are some things your gym instructor is not telling you. Let’s take a close look at 15 things gym instructors hide from their clients:

1. Gym instructors are not nutritionists

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When trainers become official, they become a certified physical strength and conditioning specialist. It’s important to mention that they are not a nutritionist. This is the primary reason why you should get your diet advice from someone else.

2. They are familiar with the excuses

Fitness instructors know if you are serious about getting into shape. For instance, you may tell them that you are going to grab a clean towel from the rack. An experienced instructor knows you are trying to cut a corner.

3. Groups discounts may be available

Some personal trainers are only interested in one-on-one exercise sessions. However, you may get a discount if you bring some friends. The average fitness instructor will not turn down an opportunity to make more money.

4. Your instructor does not need a great body

There’s an old saying, “Never judge a book by its cover.” Your gym instructor does not need a perfect body to help you get into top shape. Some instructors prefer a buff look while others prefer a lean physique. You should choose an experienced instructor with a good reputation.

5. Some instructors are not certified

It’s important for you to check out the prospective instructor’s qualifications before hiring them. This will help you avoid dealing with charlatans or con artists.

6. Don’t be tardy

Gym instructors hate it when their clients show up late for a session. If you show up late, your instructor may feel like you don’t have respect for their time. You should honor your appointments.

7. Cancel your appointment if you are sick

You may feel like you can make it through a session, but you should cancel your appointment if you are sick. Your gym instructor will understand and respect your decision.

8. Summer gym memberships are reasonable

Gyms are notorious for offering discounts during the summer. Joining the gym during the summer will give you a chance to save money.

9. Fitness instructors can have motivational issues

Please keep in mind that gym instructors are human. They will be times when they have an off day. This does not mean that they don’t have your best interest in heart.

10. Don’t try to impress your instructor

Some people make an earnest effort to impress their gym instructors. Your instructor is only interested in helping you get into shape.

11. Keep your personal hygiene in check

Please make sure your personal hygiene is in order before showing up at the gym. This includes wearing clean work-out attire.

12. Gyms are nasty

Gyms are filled with germs. Make sure you use the sanitary wipes before using exercise equipment.

13. They have a copy of your workout

Your fitness instructor will keep a written or digital copy of your workout. This will help them track your progress.

14. You must put in the work

Writing a check will not get you into shape. You must be ready to listen to your instructor and do the exercises.

15. Trainers are not perfect

Your trainer will make mistakes from time to time. As we stated earlier, fitness instructors are human.

Working out with a gym instructor can turn your life around. They can help you look better and feel better. Keeping the 15 secrets listed above in mind can help you have an exceptional relationship with your fitness instructor.